Jonas Schemmel, PhD Candidate


Position: EAPL-S Co-President
PhD Candidate
Humboldt-University, Germany

My name is Jonas, I am 31 years old and graduated at Humboldt-University in Berlin. I had no idea what to to after university when I fell in love with legal psychology which settled that. Right now I am doing my PhD at Humboldt-University and Psychologische Hochschule Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Renate Volbert. My research concerns how contextual factors such as additional information on the witness's personality or motive to lie influence Criteria-based Content Analysis. I also work as an expert witness in criminal proceedings which is my main inspiration to be in science. When not doing psychology, I read, do sports and stroll over all sorts of food and flea markets.

As a member of the EAPL-S board, I would work to make the EAPL-S more attractive for potential members, improve the communication between EAPL-S members and introduce courses for EAPL-S members i.e. on scientific writing and publishing.


Linda Geven, PhD Candidate


Position: EAPL-S Co-President
PhD Candidate
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

My name is Linda Geven, I am 26 years old and currently live in Amsterdam. After studying psychology at the University of Vienna, I received my masters degree in Legal Psychology from Maastricht University in 2015. During my research internship at the University of Portsmouth, I was introduced in the wondrous world of deception detection. Currently, I am doing a joint doctorate at the University of Amsterdam and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the supervision of Bruno Verschuere and Gershon Ben-Shakhar. In my main research on memory detection, I focus on bridging the gap between research and practice. Furthermore, I am passionate about investigating wrongful convictions due to false confessions and spent a semester at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2016. After work you can find me on the dance floor for some salsa, or in the kitchen baking cakes. 

I would like the EAPL Student Society to be a great international network for aspiring students up to doctoral candidates, by providing academic resources as well as networking opportunities. Besides having fun at social events at conferences, I would like to keep in touch during the year and hopefully offer additional courses for example on grant writing or pitching your research. Also, I would like to enhance the interaction between our student society and full members, potential supervisors and possible collaborators.


Lauren Wilson, PhD Candidate

Position: EAPL-S Communications
PhD Candidate
University of Derby, UK

Lauren is currently working towards gaining a PhD in Investigative Interviewing. Lauren received her MSc at the University of Gloucestershire, focusing on neurological and psychological correlates of psychopathy and risk-decision making behaviours. Her PhD work focuses on the impact of emotional bias exhibited by interpreters on the quality of investigative interviews, with particular focus on interviews with victims of serious crimes, such as sexual offences, domestic violence, human trafficking, and modern slavery.