2016 EAPL-S Conference Award Winners

EAPL 2016 Toulouse, France

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2016 EAPL Conference in Toulouse. 


2016 Award Recipients

Congratulations to those of you who received the 2016 EAPL-S awards! Awards were handed out at the EAPL conference in Toulouse, France. For all of you who applied but didn't receive an award, we wish you the best of luck for next year. This year's international winners are:

Poster awards:


*Note that poster awards are evaluated and awarded during the EAPL conference.

First Place, 200 Euro:

Jonas Schemmel. Poster titled: "Different People, Different Stories - Differential Aspects of CBCA"

Oral presentation awards:

First Place (400 Euro):

Hugues Delmas from Germany (with his research titled: "Beliefs about facial cues of serious and trivial lies").

Second Place (300 Euro):

Dominic Wilmott from Germany (with her research titled: "Stranger, Acquaintance and Domestic: A Psychological Exploration of Jury Decision Making within Three Differing Rape Trials").

Third Place (200 Euro):

Kerstin Adolffson from Germany (with her research entitled: "Victim blame in single versus multiple perpetrator rape cases").