Current PhD Openings

Forensic Interviewing of children

According to Vygotsky's zone of proximal development, children's cognitive abilities are scaffolded through support provided by adults. Although a body of work has examined interactions between the child and interviewer in forensic settings, the effect of scaffolding on children's communicative performance has yet to be explored. Following the introduction of a national scheme, intermediaries now work alongside police officers to facilitate communication with the child. The purpose of this PhD is to critically examine whether or not intermediary assessment and intervention scaffolds the child's communication during the forensic interview and influences the provision of information. It will also explore different assessment techniques and their effectiveness in scaffolding children's communication. The University has excellent links with Triangle, a national organisation that specialises in facilitating evidence from children. This project would be suitable for an applicant with a background in psychology, criminal investigation or childhood studies.


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The House of Legal Psychology offers Erasmus Mundus fully funded 3-year PhD fellowships starting September 2016 in Europe; Maastricht (Netherlands), Portsmouth (UK) and Gothenburg (Sweden). We are looking for applicants who have successfully completed a Master's degree in Psychology in which sufficient psychology and research methods training has been completed.

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