Studying Forensic Psychology in Spain

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If you are interested in studying forensic psychology in Spain, either as a graduate or post-graduate student, this resource will be perfect for you! This article was written by Jorge Jiménez Serrano. Jorge is a PhD student at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) in Spain and works as a freelance professor at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), at the Institute for Forensic Science and Security. Also note that he has recently released the second edition of his spanish book on criminal profiling: Manual práctico del perfil criminológico.


In Spain, Forensic Psychology is a specialty on the rise since the eighties. Forensic Psychologists are now increasingly required. From an institutional point of view, they have been integrated in the Administration of Justice, into Forensic Medical Clinics, Family Courts and Juvenile Courts, prison supervision and into various police  forces.

Forensic Psychology Programs

There are now several universities that offer graduate degrees of high quality in this specialty.


Another good way to study and stay in touch with professionals in Forensic Psychology is through the Professional Associations of Psychologists. Additionally, there are specific associations for Forensic Psychology, including:

Who's Who in Spanish Forensic Psychology

Application areas and names of some of the established Forensic Psychology researchers in Spain are below.

  • Legal Psychology (University and Research): Ramón Arce (USC), Jorge Sobral (USC), and Cristina Rechea (UCLM)
  • Police and Legal Psychology: Jorge Jiménez (UCLM)
  • Legal and Family Psychology: Javier Urra
  • Eyewitnesses and Juries: Antonio Manzanero (UCM)
  • Penitentiary Psychology: Jesús Herranz (UA)
  • Victimology: Enrique Echeburúa (UPV)


The two main journals on forensic psychology in Spain are:

The Future

The Future of Forensic Psychology in Spain consist in the strengthen professional and academic at this specialty, with greater organization of professionals dedicated to this area and a complete and uniform training project to help their development and evolution

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Best wishes from Spain!

- Jorge Jiménez Serrano


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